Pool ABCs


Water Temperatures, Concrete Pools, Liner Pools

In your equipment Room

Water Velocity in Pipes, Pipe Classes, Filtration

your pool

Drain Grills, Skimmers, Level Deck Pools, Balance Tanks


Chemical Safety, Electrical Safety, Gas Safety


Chemical Safety

· PH balance
· Chlorine balance
· Algae and bacteria treatment

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Electrical Safety

· Lighting insulation and current adapters
· Equipment room power panel safety
· Electrical grid safety

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Gas Safety

When installing gas heaters for your pool you must consider a lot of safety points:
· Any person working on a gas appliance must be qualified for this work.
· provision of sufficient air to enable the combustion to take place correctly.
· Gas heaters should be serviced every year (ideally in the spring) by a qualified and registered engineer who is fully familiar with swimming pool gas heaters.

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